Innovative Irrigation Techniques 19 – 30 September 2016

This two-week customized exposure visit program on Innovative Irrigation Techniques is prepared for the professionals of the Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project, Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority and Area Water Boards funded by The World Bank.  This course is designed for the professionals engaged in the different irrigation and agricultural projects in Sindh Province, aimed in enhancing the technical skills of the professionals in Irrigation Management.

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Overseas Study Visit Program on “Utilization of Solar Energy for Rural Water Supply and Small Scale Irrigation” 4 -16 September

This is a two week Overseas study visit Program on Utilization of Solar Energy for Rural Water Supply and Small Scale Irrigation. The study visits and field trips will be conducted in Thailand covering the Provinces in Central and Northern Thailand. The program will focus on practical demonstration of operating solar and wind water pumping systems through technical input sessions, project site visits, visits to the relevant organizations and communities using solar and hydro power, organizations promoting or financing solar power and other renewable an Read more »

Training program on “Inventory Management for Stores and Spares” 05–12 September 2016

This Six (6) days professional development program is prepared in response to a recent request from Ms. Tshering Choden, Manager, Human Resource Development Division, Human Resources & Administration Services, Bhutan Power Corporation Limited, Thimphu, Bhutan for a proposal on Inventory Management for Stores and Spares for the professionals of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited. 

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Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

27 Mar 2017 - 7 Apr 2017

The Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation course is a two-week training program that balances theory with practice. The first week exposes participants to current and evolving approaches to project management. The second week introduces appropriate methodology of project management by focusing on the project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation skills with a particular focus on sustainability. Read more »

Professional Training Program in Banking Management 22nd - 26th August 2016

AIT Extension is organizing a training program for 19 management professionals Rastriya Banijaya Bank, Nepal. The “Professional Training Program in Banking Management” builds on basic financial theory and the principles courses in management. It addresses topics that are important for managing financial institutions in a rapidly changing international environment. Read more »

International Exposure & PDP on Hospital Financial Management & Accounting, 15-19 August 2016

This one week training program on International Exposure & PDP on Hospital Financial Management & Accounting aims at improving knowledge and skills for accountants that financial management tool, techniques and international best practices and executing to the ministry of health, Sri Lanka. Participants will gain a clear understanding of public finance management, how to interpret financial statements such as profit & loss, the balance sheet, cash flow forecasts, risk analysis and break even figures.  Read more »

Short Term External Training and Study Visit on “ESIA, CDM and MRV for Clean Energy Access and Services”01-15 August 2016

The 15 days Short Term External Training and Study Visit  Program on “ESIA, CDM and MRV for Clean Energy Access and Services”01-15 August 2016  will commence with the arrival of participants on the 01st of August 2016. The training program are two weeks long program will begin on the 01st August and continue till 15th August 2016. The program will be held in Bangkok and in AIT Campus in Pathumthani Province. Read more »

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