Government of India sends officials to attend a training program at AIT on “Urban Environmental Management” (08 - 19 Aug 2011)

A group of government officials from various States of India are attending a training program on “Urban Environmental Management” (08 – 19 Aug, 2011) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand. The program is coordinated by Agriculture, Resources and Environment Unit, AIT Extension. Read more »

9th Regional Exposure Visit Program on “Public Administration Reform” Kicks off at AIT (08 – 19 Aug, 2011)

AIT Extension, in conjunction with the Department for International Development (DFID) and Ministry of Public Administration, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is hosting a 46-member delegation of senior officials from Bangladesh including 2 facilitators from Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC) for a specialized 2 weeks program on "Public Administration Reform, Performance Management and Service Delivery" (08 – Read more »


MoU Signed between AIT and Civil Service Commission (CSC), Republic of Maldives

Civil Service Commission (CSC), Republic of Maldives signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in AIT Campus, Bangkok, Thailand on July 25, 2011 to develop cooperation between AIT and CSC for the capacity building of human resources in Maldives and to nurture a fruitful long lasting working relationship between the two parties. Read more »

Training on “Sustaining Competitive Edge at the Crossroad of Emerging Technologies: Management Perspective” kicks off in AIT (Batch II - 9 July to 7 Aug, 2011)

A comprehensive one month tailored course for the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Cadre Officials is underway in Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. This training program follows the successful completion of training by the first batch of Thirty BCS cadre officials on March, 2011. The program is made possible through the collaboration between AIT Extension and the Ministry of Public Administration, People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Read more »

Sustainable Port Development in the ASEAN Region: GIZ partners with AIT Extension

The German International Cooperation (GIZ) in partnership with AIT Extension is organizing a 5-day “Course Developer Workshop” (CDW) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand (1 – 5 Aug, 2011). Twenty participants comprising trainers, course developers and GIZ staff are expected to attend the workshop. The workshop aims to train the participants in the application of systematic approach for course development, customization and delivery of safety, health and environmental management training in ports. Read more »

A course on “Essential Management Skills Using IT” for Oil & Gas Industries

Information Technology & Engineering Unit, AIT Extension is hosting a two-week customized training program on “Essential Management Skills Using IT” (27 Jun - 8 Jul 2011) for the staff of Bakhrabad Gas Systems Limited, Bangladesh. Read more »

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation: The tools and techniques to project success

Development Management Unit, AIT Extension is hosting a 3 weeks professional training program on "Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation" (27 Jun – 15 Jul, 2011) at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand.

This course has been cautiously customized blending the essence of two programs (i) Project Management & (ii) Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Read more »

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