Food Safety and Quality Management

Course duration: 
2 Weeks
Tuition fee: 
USD 2,500.00
Agriculture, Resources & Environment

Participants: Food technologist, food quality control/management managers, planners of food safety projects/program and personnel from research and academic institutions.

Course Brief:
This course aims to enhance knowledge on up-to-date policy and strategic issues on food safety. It provides participants with the skills needed to assess existing food safety and quality management systems, introduce improvements and communicate effectively with policy makers and with colleagues in multi-disciplinary teams. Training activity emphasizes practical elements delivered by successful food and agro-processing companies. It includes subjects related to appropriate technology, and methods and usage of laboratory facilities for research and analysis on food quality and contaminants including pesticide residues and heavy metals). Study visit to regulatory agencies will be organized to increase understanding on facilitating role in food quality control, safety policy and strategies as well as standard procedure for quality improvement. Participants will visit private firms demonstrate food quality management practices.