Value Chain Management in Agricultural Marketing

Course duration: 
2 Weeks
Tuition fee: 
USD 2,500.00
Agriculture, Resources & Environment

Participants: Agriculturists, Agriculture Extension Officers, Agribusinessmen, Agribusiness Entrepreneurs, Agricultural Bank Personnel, Market Development Personnel, Community Development Officers, NGO Officials and Policy Makers

Course Brief: The course aims to enhance participants’ knowledge on value chain management in agricultural marketing plan and agribusiness development and management. At present marketing is considered as the most important aspect of any business, and the only action that results in revenue. And the main goal of value chain management states full and seamless interaction among all members of the chain, resulting in lower inventories, higher customer satisfaction and shorter time to market.

The course content covers a complete marketing plan and a high-level value chain model. A complete marketing plan constitute buying supplies or raw materials, renting equipment, paying labor, advertising, processing and selling goods. While the value chain model will emphasis on how to add value to the raw materials at various processes which include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services. The study visits to the modern agribusiness entities, market authority offices and projects related to extension services for farmers.